social media marketing

  • In 2020, An Estimated 3.6 Million People were using Social media Worldwide and by 2025, there will be 4.4 Billion Users.

  • The point is We should be Available where our Potential customers are spending their time and make our sales while they are busy scrolling their News feed.

  • The Metrics we are getting from Social Media are very satisfying in ROI of point of view.

  • For Lead generation, 78% of B2B Companies and 84% of B2C Companies are preferring Social Media over other Digital lanes due to its Cost Effective, High Engagement Results.

  • Nowadays, People don't have to spend extra time on Surfing or searching to buy a product.

  • We Marketers will take that step and reach them with the products which they need. Sales can be done while Scrolling their newsfeed.

  • Social Media Marketing is the Best pick, to Begin with, while diving into Digital.