seo or sem

  • SEO helps to attain a better user experience. That results in more Leads, Website Traffic, and Brand recognition which further results in higher conversion rates.

  • Case studies show Leads generated from SEO has more conversion rate than Leads generated from Outbound/traditions methods.

  • A higher ranking in the Google search engine increases your brand credibility and results in guaranteed conversion rates. Attaining and being consistent in the top position is important in SEO

  • Being a top result is not an easy task. To attain that position it is important to give highly Relevant, Useful, and Genuine content on our website. Also, we should improve user experience by improving On-page content optimization, identifying crawl errors, and finding and resolving broken links.

  • Apart from our on-page content, it is much more important to establish Quality traffic through Backlinks from reputed sites.

  • And the most important thing in SEO is it’s a long term process/journey. Working for a long period in SEO gives Top search results and higher conversion rates.